Mayor Myrick announced attorney Seth Peacock as his selection to fill the vacancy left by retiring Judge Judith Rossiter. Judge Rossiter has retired after serving as Ithaca City Court Judge since 1993.

Mayor Myrick selected Mr. Peacock after interviewing five applicants for the position.  According to Mayor Myrick, “There were many qualified applicants, but it was Mr. Peacock’s balance of legal experience, proven commitment, ties to the community, and innovative ideas to address some of the challenges faced in City Court that made him stand out.”

Mr. Peacock was a tractor-trailer driver for ten years prior to graduating from Cornell Law School and has practiced civil and criminal law since becoming an attorney.  Mr. Peacock has also served as an Ithaca City School Board Member for 9 years.  He currently serves as the vice president and was just elected to his fourth term. Mr. Peacock is married to Dawne Peacock, and they have four children.

Of his appointment Mr. Peacock said, “It is truly humbling that a kid from the NYC projects who never knew his father could first become an attorney and then judge.  I have tried my best to serve the young people of our community, and I hope to continue as judge by reestablishing a youth court, enhancing our drug court program, and analyzing our other alternatives to incarceration programs for their efficacy.  These two initiatives can have a significant impact on Ithaca’s quality of life and the lives of the participants.”

Mr. Peacock’s appointment period will run from July 7, 2014 to December 31, 2014.  Going forward, Mr. Peacock intends to enter the upcoming September primary and win the November election for City Court Judge.

Ithaca City Court handles various matters including landlord tenant disputes, evictions, criminal matters, traffic tickets, Small Claims Court, and local law and building code violations.  There are currently two judges in Ithaca City Court.  Mr. Peacock will preside over the Court alongside the Hon. Scott  A. Miller.

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