A family man whose 16-year old daughter, Melaney, arrived in Japan last week to begin her year as a Rotary Exchange Student;
Whose daughter, Taylah, starts at Queens College this fall as a freshman;
Whose wife, Dawne, works as an administrator with foreign students at the Cornell Law School;
A man who at 7:00 many mornings shoots hoops at the high school gym with his son, Zack;
A man, who with his wife applied to DSS this spring to take a school-age foster child into their home, but when asked, took instead 6-month old Jivan, whom they hope to adopt;
A man who himself grew up fatherless in Queens with poverty and parental addiction, and who as a teenager was placed as a foster child;
A man who boot-strapped his way into the Teamsters union and drove tractor trailer for 10 years;
A man who put himself through Cornell Law School and went to work handling Fortune 400 clients;
A man who returned to Tompkins County, started his own law practice, and has handled over 800  civil, criminal, and family court cases, including a dozen felony trials of which he won every one for his clients;
A man committed to this area who built his house on West Hill with his own hands;
A humble man with ideas of including youth, who have made mistakes, in the legal process, rather than alienating them forever from the system;
A strong man who has walked the walk;
An experienced man who knows first-hand, the poor, the uneducated, the addicted;
A compassionate man who is understanding, firm, and fair.

It is for these reasons we ask you to vote for Seth Peacock as Tompkins County Judge in the September 10th primary.

—Mack & Carol Travis

Community Members Support Seth

Traevena Byrd: Seth Peacock For Judge


Ed Kopko: Seth Peacock for Judge



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